Learning Kit/Technology Distribution on Thursday, September 3! 

Parents and guardians

This year has been nothing but normal for our community. We miss having students in the building, their smiles, and especially their hugs!  Your child’s safety is our priority!  We want to ensure you that we will make sure we are providing your children the best educational experience they can have whether it is virtually or in person when the time comes. This year will look and feel different, but we are keeping the day very similar to what a typical day would look like within a classroom. We are learning from a far!  Your child will be given a schedule of what they will be learning and when, so they know when to be on Teams.  Your child is being provided a Learning Kit that will have everything they need to be successful virtually. We want to make sure you and your child has everything they need to support their learning.  Their job as a learner is to make sure they get on Teams every morning at 8:00-11:45 and then again 12:45-3:00.  


Kindergarten students will be participating in a Learning Kit/Technology Distributions rotation on the playground on September 2, 12:00-3:00.  Please call the school to schedule your time! (242-8406) 


We are having a Learning Kit/Technology Distribution for everyone else on Thursday, September 3: 


If you could HELP US OUT!!! Write your oldest child’s first and last name followed by their sibling’s names on a card to hand to a staff member.  We will bring the kits to you.  Please remain in your car or designated pick up area. 

A-E       11:00-12:30 

F-M      12:45-2:15 

N-Z         2:30-4:00 

4:00-5:00       Additional time if you are unable to make those time work 

We cannot wait to see your children and hope the time comes soon! We will make sure we are meeting your child’s social emotional and educational needs virtually until then!  

Warmest regards,  

Jaynette Rittman


The Edmunds Staff

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