Edmunds 1st and 4th Grader classes Team Up for Learning!

Edmunds’ fourth and fifth grade classes team up regularly with younger students to mentor them and provide good examples of leadership. Recently  Shelby Oelmann’s first graders teamed with their class partners, Ms. Keyeser’s fourth grade.  The fourth graders helped the  younger students on a book project: the students were all assigned a book and then together created a project to teach and inspire others in the class. They also made posters to display around the school and the community, as well as bookmarks, skits and more with messages learned in the books. Both the first and fourth graders learned the value of learning, sharing, teamwork and positive communication!


1st and 4th Team1 1st and 4th Team2 1st and 4th Team4 1st and 4th Team5 1st and 4th Team7 1st and 4th Team81st and 4th Team6

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