Edmunds Safety Patrol Is On The Job!

Edmunds 5th grade Safety Patrol is on the job helping with street crossing for scores of kids after school. The 5th grade students  that make up the team must first apply to be a part of Safety Patrol, and their application  must be signed off by their homeroom teacher and a parent or guardian. Then they go through safety patrol training with long-time Edmunds crossing guard Robert Niederklopfer, who has been performing crossing guard duties at Edmunds for nine years . Once they complete training, they are ready for Safety Patrol! Along with Mr. Niederklopfer, and teacher helpers, the students assist in directing students  safely across the street after school. Well done Safety Patrol!

Safety Patrol Training 

Crosswalk 1

Crosswalk 2Crosswalk 3

Edmunds Safety Patrol on the job!

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