Edmunds 5th Graders Mentor Kindergartners

Ms. Maxwell’s 5th grade class is off to a fantastic start to the school year. They have hit the ground running with a new reading curriculum, and also with mentoring kindergarten friends.  Each of the three fifth grade classes at Edmunds are paired with a kindergarten classroom for morning yoga stretches and breaths. Ms. Maxwell’s class works with Ms. Stevens’ Kindergartners  and on Fridays they read books to the kindergartens and practice yoga poses and breaths together.  The 5th graders also assist the kindergartners in counting their  “paws;  ” the paper tickets given to students who display Edmunds mantra of “Respectful, Responsible and Caring” at school. The 5th graders are stepping up helping their younger friends while everyone got to know each other. Wildcats work together!

Maxwell Teaming 2 Maxwell Teaming 4 Maxwell Teaming 3

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