Edmunds Boys Club gives back to the Community

On March 23rd the Edmunds Elementary and Monroe Elementary 5th grade boys clubs, “Boys-2-Men” teamed up for a project in order to pay back something to their community. The boys took a working field trip to Meals from the Heartland in West Des Moines for an afternoon of packing meals for those in need. Donning hairnet and sanitary gloves the boys took places on an assembly line for measuring, combining and sealing meals while learning the importance of measurements and weights, portioning and sanitation.

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An important part of the process was teamwork and coordination as the boys had to keep pace with the assembly process that packaged over 23,000 meals that afternoon by several teams of volunteers. The boys took part on the food prep and package lines under the watchful eyes of Boys-2-Men coordinator John Hawkins and Edmunds club mentor, David Borzo. Meals from the Heartland is a nonprofit organization that packages meals for delivery to people in need across Iowa, the United States and the world.


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