Edmunds 4th Graders go Wild!

On November 5th Edmunds 4th grade students attended a special Iowa Wild Hockey exhibition at Wells Fargo Arena in downtown Des Moines.  The Iowa Wild hockey team put on a “Wild About Education School Day” game, an educational visit for many schools and hundreds of students in the area. The Wild turned Wells Fargo Arena into the largest classroom in the state by offering up a variety of educational programs, teaching students about the game and how it correlates to classroom learning programs.

Each student was given a hockey workbook that connected to the student’s classroom learning goals. The Science Center of Iowa was also there for experiments between periods! Did you know a hockey puck only weighs 6 oz, is made out of rubber, and is frozen before the game? We didn’t either! And that the players can go 20-30 mph while on the ice? The students loved the exhibition, watching the big screen, dancing, singing to the music and cheering!


Edmunds 4th Grade goes Wild 2 Edmunds 4th Grade goes Wild.3JPG IMG_1745

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