Kindergarteners Roar with Excitement

Kindergarteners are roaring with excitement this 2014-15 school year. In Miss Smith’s Kindergarten room, there are so many activities that it is hard to keep up. With the extra volunteers that work with the class they are able to do more craft projects while also keeping up with academics. Miss Smith’s classroom is full of decorations to keep spirits positive!

Also happening in Miss. Smith’s Kindergarten class:

–          Yoga time is a calming time in the room. They learn about being positive and spreading that positivity from their bodies to their community. They have also learned about keeping mind and body calm to be productive citizens in school. There are new yoga poses learned every week!

–          Using the interactive white board is something they look forward to during math time. It is a blast to do the work on such a huge screen. The students are able to focus and keep attention on learning all the new ideas.

–          The Kindergartners have a class pet “Pip” the hedgehog, to play with during our recess time.

–          The math books are also coloring books, and the students have fun filling in the missing blanks with their own work. As a class they are ready to impress their teachers, visitors, family and even themselves with just how hard they work.

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