Creating a Class Quilt

This year Mrs. Mauren’s second grade class completed several community-building activities to celebrate the uniqueness of every member of the class, helping students to know each other better.  One of the community-building activities was creating a class quilt. Learning that quilts are made by stitching together many pieces of fabric, the students discussed how their class was similar to a quilt.  “We’re all different, but we are part of the same class,” commented 2nd grader Mohamed Abukar.
Students were asked to create their own class quilt square by drawing a picture of themselves, and they were encouraged to add details or captions to their drawings, sharing what makes them unique. Some students included drawings or captions about their favorite sports or activities, while others drew their families and wrote about their country of origin. When the students completed their quilt squares, they were displayed on the wall as a full quilt, serving as a daily reminder about the ways students are both unique individuals and members of an inclusive classroom community.

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