Leonardo Da Vinci is in the House!

Edmunds students had a surprise in art class when world renowned artist, scientist and inventor Leonardo Da Vinci paid a visit to all the art classes one day. Mr. Da Vinci was at Edmunds to support and encourage the art students in their big mural assignment – a yearlong  project that will involve all Edmunds students by the time it is completed in May of 2014. The mural will be on the 2nd floor of the south wall, and it is being designed largely by the students.

Leonardo (AKA Art Teacher David Borzo) talked to all the art classes for the day about his own experiences with murals, and the classes learned about his inventions, his art, inventions, and all about the Italian Renaissance.  Many of the younger students couldn’t explain how Leonardo was there, when he would be over 650 years old today! Leonardo handed out treats to the classes for their eager participation, and then the classes took a short three question quiz to see what they learned about the master, Leonardo Da Vinci, and his life and times.

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