Edmunds Students Begin a New Mural

Wednesdays in Art at Edmunds are set aside for an exciting school-wide art project – the creation of a new mural  that will be located on the second floor. The mural, 24 foot long and 12 foot high, and will be a companion piece to the world map mural that was painted in the school’s entryway during August of 2013, when the new building first opened. The Wednesday art project will create the new mural in three stages to match the trimesters of the school year. The planning and development of the mural is being driven by the student’s ideas, and are so far are ranging from an underwater landscapes to views of the universe, dragons and flying storybooks.

Each trimester will bring in a new batch of students (Kindergarten through 5th grades) to complete their particular phase of the mural. Edmunds’ Art Teacher David Borzo is currently working with the first group in developing themes and layout; “I see this mural as an opportunity for the students to leave their own artistic legacy for the school, one that will capture the imagination of artists for years to come. We are also looking at art from the Edmunds Public Art Competition from two years ago, as material for the piece.” The next trimester will see a new set of students for the Wednesday classes who will take the ideas and preparatory layout and draw them on the wall space. The 3rd trimester’s students will finish the project, just in time for the last week of the school year.

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