Edmunds 4th Grade News

In Katie Keyser’s 4th grade classroom theirs is a buzz about their new technology! They are using their new Epson Projector every day to learn new skills, both during whole group math as well as other subjects. This projector creates an interactive white board in the classroom; on it students can write, draw, highlight and create images to help achieve many learning goals. Students can use their hands or the interactive pen. Although this fall has been a learning time on the interactive white board for both the teachers and students, everyone is enjoying it! Another new piece of technology that the students are enjoying are “Microsoft Revolves;” students love taking these to their desks to complete Fast Math, a program that assists students in learning and retaining their basic math facts. The 4th graders learning math have had positive comments: Osman Sirleaf says that “Math is cool because we get to be smarter.” Shantell Togba shares that she “likes using the smart board because it is easy and I don’t have to waste paper,” and  Marshon Lee loves the interactive feature of the white board, “Using our finger to write like that is like magic!”

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