Edmunds Students do Yoga

Edmunds Elementary students have something new in their morning routine this year: daily Yoga instruction. With a positive language of wellness and focus, the “Yoga 4 Classrooms” program was designed to help students achieving stress reduction and to support wellness and community for the students and teachers. Edmunds is the only Elementary school in the state that is participating in “Yoga 4 Classrooms®,”  an innovative program designed to improve student’s physical, emotional and comprehension skills in school. All of Edmunds’ teachers participated in a one day seminar last summer to learn the basics of this exciting program, and several teachers went to advanced training as a follow up, and they are now helping to lead the new yoga curriculum.

Students in all grades from Kindergarten through 5th grade start the day with a 20 minute yoga session, learning how to be “mindful” of their physical and emotional centers. There is also a daily afternoon session, and all of the teachers at Edmunds are participating with the students. Edmunds Principal Jaynette Rittman says that there has been “…a very positive response from both the teachers and students for the Yoga 4 Classrooms® philosophy. Our hope is that this creative program will help Edmunds’ students be more successful in their busy day and help them to develop the skills and knowledge that they need!”

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