Boys to Men Club at the Iowa Barnstormers

The Edmunds Elementary Boys Club, “Boys-to-Men” combined with the Monroe Elementary Boys Club of the same name for a special field trip. The 5th Boys groups at both schools are headed by facilitator John Hawkins, meeting weekly to discuss issues important for young men and the development of leadership skills. The Boys to Men program provides positive direction, stresses personal responsibility and the power of teamwork. John Hawkins made arrangements with Marko Thomas, Wide Receiver for the Iowa Barnstormers, to host both schools’ clubs. The boys were ready for some football on the rainy Saturday night, vs. the Jacksonville Sharks, attending with many Boys to Men volunteers. The crew munched on popcorn and funnel cakes as they cheered the Barnstormers in their valiant fight against the Sharks. After the game the boys joined fans out on the field to get autographs, meet Marko Thomas and other members of the team, as well as the Barnstormers Cheerleaders. For many of the boys, it was the first football game of any kind that they have had ever attended.

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