A Day of Learning in Kindergarten

In Megan Smith’s kindergarten class they worked on reading skills, including concentration on short vowel sounds. The students learned how changing letters in words changes the word. The Kindergartners also learn by playing games with sight words, working with lightning fast speed in finding the sight word and swatting it as fast as they can! The Kindergartners have 2nd grade reading buddies that come and read with them on Friday afternoons. The 2nd graders do a great job as mentors, and the kindergartners learn from more advanced level books that they are not able to read yet. It is all designed to ensure that the young students are ready to move onto first grade.

Math time is the kindergartner’s time to explore numbers, shapes and patterns. The class has recently learned about 3-D shapes, discovering that there are 3-D shapes all around them that they didn’t know about. (The students are also following up with 3D shapes in art class as well). Ms. Smith’s class has also been using their blocks to create new shapes and pictures that lets their imaginations run wild.

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