Edmunds 5th Graders Run JA Biztown

Edmunds Elementary teamed up with Howe Elementary to experience Jr. Achievement’s “JA BIZ Town” in a day that was buzzing with pride! At JA BIZ Town students are encouraged to use critical thinking skills and problem solving strategies in an adult world of business. After weeks of training and practicing in class, the students became the adults for the day, having the opportunity to run the busy JA Biz Town and show what they had learned. While the 5th graders are not old enough to drive, work or vote – at BIZ Town they are operating banks, managing restaurants and writing checks as they participated in this fully-interactive simulated town. The day-long visit helped them to connect the dots between what they learned in school and the real world’s economy. Most of the companies ran by students “made a profit” and paid off their business loans. Students found out the importance of being responsible for a job and to work as a team to accomplish common goals. The day was a great success, and while debriefing after the day, many students confessed that it was more work than they had thought, but they were glad for the experience.

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