Boys Club

The Boys Group at Edmunds is in full swing with 12 members, all 5th graders, who meet weekly to discuss issues that are important for young men in developing leadership skills. The facilitator of the group “Boys to Men,” is John Watkins, assisted by Edmunds Teachers Chris Roberts and David Borzo. The club meets weekly after school and provides positive direction for the 5th grade boys, stressing personal responsibility, the power of teamwork and the importance of physical activity.

Stressing positive and structured behavior in the club hopefully translates to the classroom as the boys take responsibility for their actions. In order to provide important support and guidance, the group has had sessions on what ‘effective and positive’ leadership looks like, in contrast to ‘negative an ineffective’ leadership. Mr. Watkins has also held sessions on personal hygiene, community involvement, and even on how to properly put on a tie. The club members have also learned a special alphabet relating to key traits of positive attitude and behavior. There have also been a number of activities stressing the importance of teamwork and achieving group goals. It’s all geared towards helping lead the group of Edmunds kids in growing up from boys to men.

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