Rock in Prevention Visits Edmunds

In November students at Edmunds were treated to a visit from the educational organization ”Rock in Prevention” with their dynamic presentation using music and the arts to help reach the hearts and minds of kids. It’s all about helping students make positive and healthy life choices! The Rock in Prevention live presentations incorporates skits, rock music, singing and a lot of audience participation to teach about the dangers of tobacco, drugs and many other issues, tailoring its presentation to the age group of the audience.

The performance at Edmunds focused on bullying in school and we can all do to stop it. The two performances put on for Edmunds students involved play acting, singing, audience participation as well as participation from student mentors from Lincoln High School. There was a great deal of enthusiasm and fun as students joined the crew “on stage” to sing along. The ultimate goal to help students to take responsibility and to stamp out bulling was well received by the Edmunds student body!

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