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Kindergarten learns the art of letter writing


Edmunds students in Miss B’s classroom practiced informative writing by writing letters to friends in their class. Students began the week by reading stories involving letters so they could hear some good examples. Next, the class wrote some letters together and used some of the letter writing tips from the stories. Finally, the students were … Read more »

Edmunds students excel in YMCA Basketball


  Dozens of Edmunds students are playing in the 2017-18 YMCA Basketball season, having fun while learning the about the value of teamwork. The YMCA of Greater Des Moines provides sponsorship for many teams that include Edmunds students, helping to teach game fundamentals, the importance of of personal effort, and the rewards of team play. The games are played on Saturday’s at the Grubb … Read more »

Scientific 4th Graders at Edmunds!


Students in Katherine Hiveley’s fourth grades class spent a week in December conducting experiments to test the conditions under which mold grows. The students worked in teams, first, to create a mold terrarium. Then each team had to make a plan of what foods their terrarium would consist of, and decide which conditions they wanted to test. Would their team’s conditions cause mold … Read more »

A warm donation for the Boys to Men Club at Edmunds


Edmunds 5th grade boys in the Boys to Men group got an early Holiday treat in November, with winter coats and gloves. John Hawkins, mentor for the 5th grade boys leadership group also mentors a chapter at Monroe Elementary. All the club members picked out and new warm coats and gloves that were donated from … Read more »

Edmunds Girls on the Run!


On November 11th, girls from Edmunds participated in big final even 5 K for the Girls on the Run program, sponsored in part through the YMCA. The girls practiced their every week since the beginning of the semester to prepare fot this final 5K event; the girls had a blast racing at Water Works Park. … Read more »

Kindergartners Explore What’s Inside!


The Kindergarten team at Edmunds Elementary spent the afternoon of November 3rd with all the kindergartners learning about pumpkins. Many of the students were not familiar with the “ins and outs” of the holiday staple; they began by making predictions about what may be inside the pumpkins, what it looks like, and how many seeds … Read more »

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The Edmunds community provides a relevant, engaging and challenging learning environment.

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