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Art Center2

4th Grade Trek to the Des Moines Art Center


Students  at Edmunds took part in the annual 4th Grade trek to the Des Moines Art Center to tour the world-class art and gain a greater understanding of what they have learned in art class.   Over 85 students, including the upper level IELC students,  split up into five groups to explore the three buildings of … Read more »

Can Drive

Student Council holds 2nd Annual Food Drive


The Edmunds Fifth grade student council hosted the 2nd annual canned food drive at Edmunds.  Student council students traveled to all the classrooms in the school to explain the can drive and encourage all students to participate. During the week of January 26-30th Edmunds students brought in canned food items to be donated to the … Read more »

3rd Grade Reading.1

3rd Graders are Reading Detectives


In Ms. Sinclair’s third grade class, the student’s reading skills are strong and are continuing to grow stronger. The students are building on their fluency and decoding skills, while also learning to go deeper into the meaning of what they are reading. Students have also began reading like detectives – learning to hunt for evidence … Read more »


Preschool Students Learn about Zoo Animals


This month Edmunds students in Ms. Stoffa’s preschool class are learning about animals and have created a zoo in their room. There are six centers in the classroom that have been turned into different sections of a zoo;  a gift shop, animal hospital, house, ticket booth, cafeteria lounge, and animal exhibit. The students are creating … Read more »


Tutoring Sign Up at Edmunds Elementary


Students who attend a Title I school in Des Moines may be eligible for tutoring services at no cost to their family. In order to be eligible students must attend one of the 25 Title I schools in Des Moines and meet low income guidelines. To learn more and to register, click on the headline.

Edmunds Kinder2

Kindergarteners Roar with Excitement


Kindergarteners are roaring with excitement this 2014-15 school year. In Miss Smith’s Kindergarten room, there are so many activities that it is hard to keep up. With the extra volunteers that work with the class they are able to do more craft projects while also keeping up with academics. Miss Smith’s classroom is full of … Read more »

Upcoming Events

Mar 03
K/1 to Civic Center: Dinosaur Train
Mar 05
4th Grade to Civic Center: Scrap Arts Music
Mar 13
Spring Recess
Mar 23
2nd Grade Civic Center: Flat Stanley
Aug 26
First day of school 2015-2016
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The Edmunds community provides a relevant, engaging and challenging learning environment.

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