Boys2Men at Edmunds Take a Fighting Pose to Knock Out Breast Cancer!

The Boys2Men Club is a leadership group that works to help guide 5th grade boys to better decision making and leadership skills. The club started at Monroe Elementary 11 years ago and has been at Edmunds Elementary for 7 years now. A new chapter opened just this year at Samuelson Elementary.  Mentor John Hawkins,  school leaders and featured guests teach important life lessons and challenge the boys to show leadership both at school and home every day.

As October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Boys2Men club took a fighting pose against  the disease last week, as  you can see here with theses photos:  the Boys2Men  members and their mentors putting on the pink gloves to “knock out” Breast Cancer!

IMG 6212

IMG 6223

IMG 6206

IMG 6224

IMG 6217

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