Boys To Men group learns about policing

Edmunds 5th grade boys have been learning about leadership and community in the “Boys 2 Men” club that meets weekly. The boys learn about personal responsibility and community engagement with their mentors, Boys 2 Men club founder John Hawkins and Edmunds’ teacher’s Andrew Kurimski and David Borzo. Activities include field trips, community service, chess, memorizing the Boys2Men leadership alphabet…even learning how to tie a tie!

Recently, Boys-2-Men had an educational visit from one of Des Moines finest. Senior Police Officer Stephanie Swartz came to Edmunds, representing the Des Moines Police Department’s Patrol Service Bureau. Officer Schwartz  shared a little about what it’s like to be a police officer. The boys asked a lot of questions about her experiences, the equipment she uses, and what it’s like to patrol the streets of Des Moines. Then the students got the opportunity to explore one of the newest police vehicles up close and personal – sitting in the back, the front drivers seat, and learning about the advanced features of a modern police vehicle!

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