Classes team up for Rigor at Edmunds

Friday, November 3rd, 2017
Edmunds first grade teacher Mrs. Webb and 4th grade teacher Mrs. Keyser teamed up their classes for an inventive and collaborative STEM project in October. The student’s main goals were to apply their thinking as a Scientist, Engineer, and Mathematician, and use different technologies to complete the task. In order to accomplish their goals they needed to utilize the social learning theory of communication, listening and working as a team.
The students were asked to complete a fictional “Peace Robot” that still needed a “glorious hair bow” added. To design it they were given tin foil, chenille sticks, paperclips, rubber bands, and beads. The students initially looked at the teachers, like “How is this possible?” But they worked together in 6 different teams,  competing to build the best hair bow.  It was amazing to see all 45 students from the two classes working together, smiling, and making sure everyone participated. The students made their own plans in designing the model, accessed problems and solutions, , voted, traded limited resources, budgeting money and being a good citizen.
They results were phenomenal.  Each Team had completed a creative piece of art that the students were proud of. Imagination and collaboration in 1st and 4th grades drove excellent results!