2017 Culture Fair Activities take over Edmunds!

Monday, May 15th, 2017
Edmunds 2017 Culture Fair kicked off on Wednesday, May 10th with the help of several distinguished visitors to the school, volunteering to help educate the students about far off locals across the world. From exploring the art and culture of Japan, to demonstrations of the traditional Chinese Dragon Dance, to feeling the textures and fabrics of Kenyan art and clothing, to learning about the music of Ireland, students had the opportunity to explore a small part of the world around them. The international visitors and cultural activities at Edmunds culminate with the 2017 Culture Fair, held at the school on Thursday May 18th, with a musical presentation and cultural activities on display throughout the school.
Edmunds Culture Fair 6 Edmunds Culture Fair 5 Edmunds 1st Grade no.3Edmunds Culture Fair 4 Edmunds Culture Fair 3IMG_1193 IMG_1188 Edmunds 1st Grade no. 1IMG_1179IMG_2124 Edmunds 1st Grade no. 2 IMG_1105