Winter Wonderland: 2nd & 3rd Grade Family Night

Edmunds second and third grade students hosted a Parent’s Night in January. The theme was Winter Wonderland and was held on January 16 – the evening that Des Moines had a winter storm “white-out.” Several families still found their way to the event, however! First teachers read the book Snow Globe Family to kick off the event. Then the children treated their families to a wonderful musical program, led by Music Teacher Nella Thomas. Afterwards families met in their child’s classrooms to work on creative writing about their own snow globe families and making their own snow globes. They also worked on making a snowman glyph based on what the students likes or dislikes about winter. A glyph is an element of writing where each student contributes to the meaning of what is being described. On January 24th parents that were not able to attend on the night of the 16th were invited back to school, where the students repeated the musical program and also worked with parents making snow globes and the snowman glyph.

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