Kindergarten Classroom

Edmunds kids in Kindergarten teacher Kristin Groepper’s class have a lot to be excited about. They are putting to good use donations to their classroom, including items that were awarded through the online grant program called “Donor’s Choose.” Donor’s Choose is an organization that allows teachers to request items for their classroom by posting their needs and projects on the Donors Choose website. These projects are viewed by a wide ranging group of supporters for potential funding. A recent project that Kristin submitted, and was awarded, was a literacy center that included listening components such as a CD player, books on CD, headphone sets, and even a large rug to sit on when listening to, and reading books! The project, which is designed to help the class with reading and literacy success, was funded by multiple donors over the past few months and delivered to the classroom in November. The kindergartners are really enjoying the new book listening area as part of Edmunds’ “Daily 5” literacy structure. Listening to books on CD helps build important reading skills such as fluency, comprehension and vocabulary.

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